Swim Jigs
$3.95 1/4 oz. Swimming Jig
$4.10 3/8 oz. Swimming Jig
$4.30 10-pack Twister Tails
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Swimming Jigs

We all know the swim jig is no secret anymore, but finding a quality one at a fair price can be very difficult. Well, no need to look any further!

We start with a balanced head that runs true regardless of whether you're slow-rolling or running it through the weeds. We use the top-of-the-line Mustad black nickel hook. Super-bright paints and all jigs are clear-coated with a tough epoxy finish to help bring out the bright colors as well as protect the finish. We've also added our standard plastic keeper, so now you have a way to keep your tail on without having to super-glue it or push it back up every time you get a strike. Just slide your tail over the hook and plastic keeper and your ready to fish.

No cheap skirts here or jigs with just a few strands. Almost all of our jigs have Flashabou, Mirage, or Polarflash on the bottom and/or top to help entice the fish. Take a look below at some of the best jigs on the market today. We also carry a line of super soft 5-inch tails for the jigs, called Twister Tails. These colors will work with every color of jig we make.