How to Order Fishing Tackle

To order Hutch Tackle, call us at (608) 326-6764. See the How to Order page for details.


Your satisfaction is guaranteed. That means you don't pay until your fishing tackle is delivered, in your hands, and you have had a chance to inspect it.

Once your satisfied, you can send a check or money order payable to "Hutch Tackle" to:

Hutch Tackle
P.O. Box 442
Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin 53821


Some companies charge for handling - we do not. We can ship your order using any carrier or speed that you desire. Often we use different carriers, balancing shipping costs with reasonable speed.

If you have a preferred carrier (Priority Mail, FedEX, UPS, or DHL) or speed preference (overnight, second-day, etc.), please let us know when you order. Otherwise, we will ship it to you, balancing shipping costs with reasonable speed.

Prices vary according to the weight of the tackle that you order.


With Hutch Tackle, customer satisfaction is on the top of the list! If you receive any product that you don't like, contact us. We'll replace or refund that product to your liking.