$4.05 10-pack
Minimum order of 10 shads. Prices listed are before shipping and 5.5% sales tax (where applicable).

Soft Body Shads

Here's a piece of plastic that's been around a long time: the 3" shad body. It's been forgotten with all of the new plastic over the past couple years, but make no mistake, this is a fish-catching machine.

I love fishing this in the fall and winter. When casting it, I personally like to snap jig it back. You will get bites that almost rip the rod right out of your hand. When vertical jigging it, I like to drop it to the bottom, pick it up a couple inches, and then hold it still. The fish will come up and just plain crush it.

I have some of the good old dependable colors as well as a few custom colors to choose from. This is also a dynamite lure for the smallies in the Spring and Fall when they are staging on the rock. Try some, you won't be disappointed.