Shad Spoons
$3.75 per 3/8 oz. spoon
$3.90 per 1/2 oz. spoon
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Red-Eye Shad Spoons

This spoon is definitely a multi-species lure. In deep water, the bass really clobber it, and in both shallow and deep water, white bass and stripers will try to rip the rod right out of your hand. Casting with a slow retrieve while erratically jerking your rod will drive the northerns nuts, and walleyes simply like to eat it.

Remember to tie directly to the wire form coming out of the spoon, no snap as this will cause the line to tangle with the hook frequently.

We recommend using a steel leader when fishing for northerns because we all know how this fish likes to eat it's dinner.

We have some great colors to choose from. Try a couple and we know you'll be back for more