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Sauger Slayers

Ok let’s talk flukes. About 10 years ago or so when I first started fishing the Zoom fluke I didn’t know what to expect. Fact is the first time I used I draw a big ZERO. I thought just another few bucks gone for a bad idea. So I brought it back out in the fall and tried it one day with a couple clients. 1\2 way through the day I called a friend and had him go to the store and buy me more and he delivered them down to the boat landing. I was completely astounded by the size and aggressiveness of the bite. As much as I hate to say it considering I’ve been pitching ringworms for over 20 years now. If I was stuck with only using one of the two for eyes it would be the fluke believe it or not. It’s the hardest piece of plastic that I have to try to convince people to try. There’s no fancy tail or ribs, eyeballs and so on. But I will tell you this that 99 % of the people I get to try this have come back multiple times and bought more and that’s a fact! So working with a manufacturer we have come up with some custom colors that are simply awesome. The nice thing about this body is that there are groves in the body behind the dorsal fin. So this tail gets side to side action in it. We have nick named this tail the Sauger Slayer. The picture here shows a good friend of mine trying one of the new colors at Red Wing this spring for the first time. This was the result and he was proud as a peacock to say the least. We haven’t come up with nick names for them yet but we soon will. Got a good idea for a name? Pass it along and I will make sure you receive credit where credit is due. The main thing here is to make sure you try some of these because if you don’t you have just plain miss the boat!!!