Pro Bucktail Jigs
$2.20 each (3/32 - 3/16 oz.)
$2.30 each (1/4, 5/16 oz.)
$2.40 each (3/8, 1/2 oz.)
$2.50 each (5/8, 3/4 oz.)
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Pro Bucktail Jigs

For many years, Hutch only made this style of jig for him, himself, and he. Then he made it for a few close friends and now finally for everyone.

The jig starts with his favorite, the glitter jig, then several color combinations that we've seen nowhere else.

Over the years, Hutch just can't even guess how many fish have come off this line of bucktails. There's no doubt in our mind, especially after cold-front days, how this style of jig can make a tough day into a day where you can catch fish, and turn a good fishing day into a great day! Hutch just loves pitching the darker-colored jigs at night along the rocks.