Many years ago at Evert’s up at Red Wing when Dean Marshall managed the place we used to sell him tackle. We sold him 4 packs of jigs in a small zip lock bag. The other day I came by a whole box of these. All jigs have a nasty sharp hook and good paint job with the wire keeper. Some keepers are already bent and some are straight. There all good jigs at a great price.

The first and only glitter jig is a custom color we made for Dean only. It is chart glitter on top and neon green on the bottom. On our glitter jig page this is GJ-11 & GJ-13 for a color reference. We have these in size 1/16 only.
In the color PJ-02/orange we have 3/32 only.
In the color PJ-10/pink & chart we have 1/16 & 1/8.
In the old color PJ-17/ orange on top and white on the bottom we have 1/16, 3/16, 1/2.
In the color PJ-25/ black on top & violet on the bottom we have 5/16 only.

These jigs are $0.80 per 4 pack